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    Dear adult educators
    Dear lecturers
    Dear students
    Dear all

    The Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education at Würzburg University is steadily developing digital learning material. Some of the videos presented in this course room are outcomes of some of our research projects thanks to all our founders and project partners such as DAAD (Germand Academic Exchange Service) and BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research). We thought some of these videos might be interesting for your and your educational/teaching matters.

    Thus, this course room shall provide you with learning videos in our field of research for your own lectures, seminars or workshops. This platform is also referencing to some videos, which were not produced by the team of the Professorship of Adult and Continuing Education but which we thought might be of interest for you, too. Neither do we own nor claim any rights on this videos/material, please be fair, and reference the authors of each video/material you are going to use. We have selected those conscientiously and are hoping that all material collected here, will help you. Responsible for the content of third party videos are the particular producers.

    Please feel free to use the learning material you will find here for your (academic) learning purposes! It shall support you on your personal learning or teaching track. Commercial use is - of course - strictly prohibited! Thank you for your understanding.

    If you would like to have one of these videos to implement in your own platform or else, please, contact us to let us provide you with it (if possible).

    Any feedback is warmly welcome! Any questions, too!


    Best regards,

    Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education
    Team Dr. Regina Egetenmeyer

    • Video/Plattform, English

      INTALL (2019): Successful learning pathways in comparison without mobility. URL:

    • Videos/Learning Plattform

      COMPALL-Projekt (2018): Online-Tutorial zum Thema „International and Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. Würzburg. URL:

    • "At the simplest level, Mahara is two things: an ePortfolio and a social networking system combined. An ePortfolio is a system in which students can record ‚evidence of lifelong learning‘ – such as essays, artwork or other such things they produce that can be stored digitally. Such things are known as artefacts in Mahara. Social networking systems give a way for people to interact with their friends and create their own online communities" (MAHARA (2020): mahara manual. URL: